The Philosophy of Cinematic Production

Cinematic Production is more than HD. It’s a complete production philosophy – the end result being a visual style that lifts your project above the rest.

Cinematic Production is a combination of equipment, expertise and workflow that emanates from the world of film, rather than video. It’s makes your commercial, corporate video or documentary stand out among others.

Whether you’re a car dealership, a retailer, a bank or a hospital, if your productions look like reality television or a news broadcast, it’s not because of your budget. It’s because of your production company.

Cinematic Production doesn’t have to cost more. It simply requires a talented, dedicated crew with the knowledge of what goes into making a great film: Expert lighting design. Artistic composition of frame. Attention to detail. Attention to budget and schedule. And most important of all, the ability to bring out the best in on-camera talent – to make amateurs and professionals alike comfortable and confident in their ability to deliver the script.

Our crew has been delivering award-winning commercials, documentaries, music videos and corporate sales films since 1985.

And through that time, we've been a part of all the changes that have taken place in the film and video industry:
The transitions from 35mm film to video, flatbed film cutting to computer based editing, SD to HD, analog to digital, we were leading the pack. And we’ve never forgotten our roots. We learned our craft from Welles, Kubrick and Bergman - not from Survivor or Jersey Shore.

We’re the new guys in the Midwest market and you may not know us here like they do in the Gulf South. But we hope you will soon.

Call us and let us show you how our philosophy of Cinematic Production can benefit your next project.