About Power Plant Productions :



Larry Peter

Director, Producer, Composer


Zack Ecuyer

Assisant Director, Audio Engineer, Editor


Sally Houzanme

Sales, Marketing


OK, let’s get the obvious question out of the way – why Tell City, Indiana instead of LA,  New York or even New Orleans? 

Easy.  I like living here.   And since devices like airplanes and the Internet exist, I can.

I got started in the film business in New Orleans in 1985.  My first project, a documentary on New Orleans’ Audubon Zoo, won the Gold Award at the Film Festival of the Americas.  As an editor, a producer, and eventually, as a Director/cameraman I worked on award-winning regional and national commercials for clients including Crisco (the Loretta Lynn spots), Anheuser-Busch, Coca-Cola and Popeyes Chicken. 

In the 1990’s, I decided to start a family and retired from the constant traveling involved in the production world.  I opened a post-production company, the original Power Plant in New Orleans, which was the Gulf Coast’s first uncompressed digital editing suite.  Over the next decade we won dozens of awards for editing, animation and special effects as well as for original music scores, sound design and radio production.

During the evacuation from Hurricane Katrina, my family ended up in my home town of Tell City, where we decided to plant ourselves for a while.  While still managing the post-production business in New Orleans from here, I decided that with my children grown, it was time to return to my first love of producing and directing. 

I wanted to adapt my film-based style of production to the current world of video, and gathered the tools necessary to do that.  24p cameras, both SD and HD, an uncompressed editing workflow, and finally, digital cinema cameras with 35mm format image sensors and 35mm film lenses.  In 2008 we began producing corporate videos, commercials and documentaries, including The Art of Living, currently airing on PBS, as well as our latest documentary, They Wore the Red Suit. This project, sponsored by the International Documentary Association, is currently screening in film festivals and events across the U.S.

Teaming with like-minded producer/directors in New Orleans and Nashville who share my desire to bring filmic production values to video commercials, Power Plant incorporates specialists in Commercial, Political and Music Video production.  We’re all ready to travel and to produce.

Create or Die is my motto. Capturing beautiful images and telling compelling stories is my talent.  And I know how to use my talent to sell your product.  I’ve been proving it for decades.

Give us a call at 812-547-2833 and let us give you a proposal for your next project.  I think you'll like what we can offer.

Larry Peter
Director & President of Power Plant Productions.